Rustic split log cabin in the Breaks Interstate Park.
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In the Heart of Appalachia
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Harlis was known throughout the area for his tobacco.  His
plants had a distinct look and were recognized by local farmers
and the buyers at the tobacco warehouse where he sold his crop
each year.

Harlis was also known to enjoy a little white lightening if he got
the chance and was once thrown in jail for trying to peddle
some in the old mining town of Stienman.  

His nickname was "soda".  How he got this name is quite an
interesting story.  As you now know he was known to partake
in a little shine. On his way to work one morning, after a
weekend of partaking, he was feeling under the weather.  The
only way that he knew to relieve his symptoms was to find
some baking soda to use as an antacid.  So, what did he do but
walk up to the first door that he came to and ask for some
baking soda.  Little did he know at the time that he was
knocking on the door of his boss from the coal mines where he
worked!   From that day on he was known as soda!  
H H Coleman